The King Fahad Mosque is committed to fulfilling the spiritual and religious needs of its Muslim community including the youth. In order to fulfill this commitment the mosque created a youth group, called MYSA, stands for Muslim Youth Symposium of America. The purpose of this youth group is to foster and enrich the spiritual, social, and religious development of Muslim Youth by providing supplemental Islamic education and promoting community service, charity and recreational experiences.


Empower Youth to develop leadership skills for the service of the Muslim Community and Society at large. To integrate in all vital aspects of American society with active participation while preserving the Islamic identity. To be a voice of main stream Islam by bridging the gap, promoting mutual dialog and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims.


  • A. Provide Muslim Youth with a balanced approach and religious orientation

  • B. Organize programs to enhance leadership skills.

  • C. Establish short, mid, and long term strategies as a response to the Muslim Youth needs and aspirations.

  • D. To nurture student participation in High School, College, and Universities.

  • E. Participate in civic duty in all levels of government. Local, State and Federal.

  • F. Cultivate within the American Muslim youth to serve society at large by helping the needy such as the poor and the elderly.

  • G. Organize social functions as a community outlet for young Muslims.

  • H. Organize events that promote multi faith harmony. Such as visiting different places of worship in order to understand others without prejudice.

  • I. Initiate different educational programs.

  • J. Act as a resource for American Muslim Youth facing social and emotional difficulties or crisis.

  • K. Creativity Program- Share talent and Expertise with other youth members.


  • A. Monthly board meetings.

  • B. Annual Youth Conference

  • C. Monthly visitation Hospital and Senior Citizens Home

  • D. Annual youth leadership training trip to Sacramento legislature.

  • F. Quran tafseer and study classes.

  • G. Campus outreach host tours of the Masjid and Islamic awareness to students.

  • H. Host multi faith meetings and visit other religious institutions.

MYSA is Open:
Monday-Thursday 5pm-7pm
Friday 5pm- 10 pm

Youth have get-together on every Friday where special events are organized by coordinators

MYSA can be reached via the following:

11004 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232